Remember the days when homes were heated with coal and wood? When we performed spring cleaning, we were opening doors to air out our homes and shaking out rugs. Spring cleaning represented that gone were the short, cold, and dark days! Enter longer days and available time to clean up. Even though the days of heat by coal or woodstove are behind us, we still ritually perform spring cleaning to rid ourselves of the germs and dirt trapped in our homes. A yearly spring cleaning/tune-up of your heating system should be a included.

While most homeowners have some kind of maintenance performed on their heating system in the fall season, spring service is an equally important yet often ignored step toward ensuring that your furnace stays in good condition all year long. The time of year when we start turning down our heating systems is upon us. NALA industries highly recommends that you have your furnace and heating system inspected for wear and tear that it may have endurred this past winter. This will avoid the inevitable of discovering issues when November rolls back around.

Save Time and Money

Many people think if their furnace was operable all winter, they should be good to go. Your car might be working properly yet you still have maintenance performed. Same thought process should be used for your heating system. Tune-ups, when done on a yearly basis, can prevent other breakdowns that might leave you without heat when that first cold front comes through.

If our service technician discovers a problem during your spring service call, you are more likely to have the issue resolved more quickly and affordably. Scheduling a spring heating system maintenance visit will save money. In the fall, the demand for replacement costs are higher since they are in more demand. It may take longer to get a replacement part in the fall then it would require in the spring.

If It Ain’t Broke STILL Fix It

AT NALA Industries, we recommend filling your oil tank during your spring service. Leaving your fuel oil tank empty or partially full may cause complications. A partially filled tank allows water to condense, which can stimulate bacterial growth. Such growth can result in the formation of black sludge, a leading factor in many heating system breakdowns. This can be prevented by filling your oil tank before the warm summer months.

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By scheduling a heating system tune-up and a tank refill now, you can spend your summer and fall months assured that your heating system will continue to perform at a high level come the next winter season. Contact NALAindustries to get dependable full service home comfort treatment today.