Hard to believe that Spring is here!

Here are some tips for spring cleaning your home heating system. Here are some recommendations for your home heating system to ensure smooth sailing when the crisp Fall air returns:


  • Clean up your system – Heating equipment can become a magnet for dirt and dust, especially during the winter. A majority of our heating systems are located in the basement where the systems themselves can make the air very dry and prone to dust and dirt. Be sure to clean off your system with a wet rag and remove any sort of debris that has built up over the winter months.
  • Change your air filters – If you have a forced-air heating system. changing your air filters is one of the most important things you can do for your system. An air filter full of debris will lower your efficiency, increase your bills, and result in more heating repairs down the road. We highly recommend checking your filters once a month while they are in use.
  • Have your yearly heating maintenance performed – After a long winter of output, your heating equipment can use a little TLC. Early spring is a great time to schedule a preventative maintenance service. At NALA industries, we offer service contracts for your heating system maintenance needs.
  • Consider heating equipment upgrades – Spring is often the best time to consider the purchase of a new heating system – lower demand, springtime incentives, and availability for installation is at a premium in the springtime. We also recommend springtime ensure an efficient transition to the cooler months, with the peace of mind knowing you have a working system.
heating system

Most important, sign up NOW for our budget plan. Our ten (10) month budget plan runs from September 1st to June 30th and is for customers who like the convenience of spreading out the cost of their home heating oil bills. This plan works in conjunction with our automatic delivery program. It helps many people effectively plan their household budgets and avoid paying high lump sum payments upon each delivery.